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Dr. Moritz Meister

Dr. Moritz Meister represents national and international clients in litigation in state courts, in arbitration proceedings and in out-of-court dispute resolution.

One of his main areas of practice is advising on banking and financial disputes, in particular in connection with complex (derivative) financial products. He also advises on proceedings with criminal and tax implications such as Cum/Cum and Cum/Ex structures, corporate disputes and post-M&A disputes. These are often complex proceedings with high amounts in dispute and cross-border aspects.

His clients include German and international large and medium-sized companies, institutional investors such as hedge funds as well as entrepreneurs and shareholders.

  • Since 2022 Partner at Wendelstein
  • 2020 to 2021 Counsel at Wendelstein
  • Since 2013 to 2020 Associate and Senior Associate at Wendelstein
  • 2011 to 2013 legal clerkship at the Hamburg Higher Regional Court 
  • 2011 University of Bristol, scholar of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
  • 2009 to 2011 University of Hamburg (Dr. iur.), scholar of the State Graduate Sponsorship Program
  • 2006 to 2009 University of Hamburg
  • 2003 to 2006 Universität of Bayreuth (Supplementary Degree in Business and Economics)
  • Das System des Freiheitsschutzes im Grundgesetz, Schriften zum Öffentlichen Recht vol 1198, Duncker & Humblot, 2011
  • Proportionality: A Benefit to Human Rights? Remarks on the Icon controversy, International Journal of Constitutional Law 10 (2012), 687-708 (with Prof. Dr. Matthias Klatt)
  • The Constitutional Structure of Proportionality, Oxford University Press, 2012 (with Prof. Dr. Matthias Klatt); Translation into Spanish: Klatt, M y Meister, M, La estructura constitucional del principio de proporcionalidad, Marcial Pons, 2021 (translated by Héctor A. Morales Zúñiga)
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